Hospital and Community Patient Review Instrument (H/C PRI)


Paying for someone else?



In New York State, individuals who require placement or continued stay in Residential Health Care Facilities (RHCF) must be assessed to determine the appropriateness of placement and level of care required. Assessments are conducted by professionals who have been trained and certified in use of the Department of Health's H/C PRI and Screen forms.

This training allows Registered Nurses (RNs) to complete the H/C PRI to assess a person's condition and the amount of care required. An Assessor Identification number will be issued to all RNs that complete the training.


The course is for RNs in nursing facilities, hospitals (discharge planners, case managers) or in community settings responsible for nursing facility placement. Only RNs currently licensed may be certified as an H/C PRI Assessor. Social workers or other health care professionals may find the training useful to understand the RHCF placement process, but they cannot be certified as an H/C PRI Assessor.

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