Mastering the Roles of Supervision

Part of the Communicate to Make a Difference Series



Program Goals

This training:

  • Introduces the concept of the Competing Values Framework
  • Describes the often competing roles associated with being an effective supervisor
  • Explains the levels of mastery of a skill
  • Provides strategies for assessing and monitoring your progress through the levels of supervisory mastery


The training consists of two modules. The first module introduces the Competing Values Framework and the associated supervisor roles. Each role is explained briefly, through simulated conversations with "real" supervisors.

The second module asks and answers the question, "What is mastery?" A number of self-assessment tools and interactive elements help you to chart your course to becoming the best supervisor you can be!

A blog is available at the end of the course, for you and other participants to share your experiences with the course and supervision in general!

Supervising New York State

Content for this course was adapted, with permission, from "Supervising New York State: A Framework for Excellence," written by Sue R. Faerman, Ph.D., Robert E. Quinn, Ph.D., Michael P. Thompson, Ph.D. and Michael R. McGrath, Ph.D. Copyright 1990 New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations.

Please note: the book is not available outside of the New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations.


After completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the competing values framework.
  • Identify the eight potentially conflicting roles played by supervisors.
  • Prioritize roles most appropriate for a supervisor to employ given a situational challenge.
  • Describe the five steps to mastery.
  • Assess personal challenges, identify areas for further development and develop a plan for change.
  • Describe the importance of self knowledge and assessment in understanding the impact of one's behavior on others.

Target Audience

Public health professionals including nurses, physicians, health educators.


Originally launched August 2007.

Estimated Time to Complete

It is estimated that the course takes three hours to complete.

Technical Requirements

The course is built to XHTML 1.1 specifications. A modern web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox is required to view the pages.

The planners and course authors have no financial arrangements or affiliations with any commercial entities whose products, research or services may be discussed in this activity. No commercial support has been accepted for this activity.

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Employed by or in New York State?

If you are employed by NYS or a local health department in NYS, we recommend that you enroll for this course through the NYS Department of Health Learning Management System (DOH LMS).