Orientation to Public Health


Sample screens

This screen shows two entries in your Inbox. Once you complete a task or set of tasks, you may find new messages in your Inbox, which will prompt you to complete further activities.

This screen shows your Task list, which you will use throughout the course to keep track of your activities. Notice that some tasks are complete, 1 task is assigned and 3 are not assigned. Once you complete the Conference with Jim Cummings (task #3), a new task will be assigned. You can always go back and review completed tasks.

This screen shows one of the many documents which will appear in your "Documents" folder. These documents will provide more information or an external link for you to further explore the topic. All documents also have a special print feature.

This screen shows a unique exercise in Part 1, which asks you to forward e-mails you receive to the appropriate Department of Health unit. Instant feedback helps to reinforce the concepts presented.

This screen shows Part 2's final test, another engaging activity in the form of a matching exercise. The list of Essential Services on the right allows you to keep track of your decisions.

The highlight of this screen is the Essential Services graphic, which is also made available for you to download or print.

The conferences, in both Part 1 and 2, are critical sources of information for you to complete the assigned tasks.

The Ten Essential Services of Public Health