Orientation to Public Health


Learner Comments

This is great for entry level public health workers! Kudos to you for developing a great entry level training!

Thank you. It was useful, well-organized and a good example of distance learning. Congratulations!

I think this is a great introduction for people who are new to the public health field (and maybe even for those of us who are not so new)...it really puts the goals and activities of public health in perspective (with real life examples)

I enjoyed the conferencing sessions; found them to be very informative and captivating. The review of wrong answers from the tests was very helpful.

I was not particularly enthused to review this web-based program. I have used web mediums and have always encountered problems, small and large, that needed to be solved to complete the program. I was extremely impressed with the ease of navigation and lack of 'glitches' while completing the program.

Well developed in content and presentation. Easy to follow through as well.

I would recommend that all new employees participate in this orientation program. I found that it was very beneficial, especially since I came from an entirely different agency. I never realized exactly what the Health Department covers.

This is my second time back working at the health department and even I learned a few new things from the course.

The Ten Essential Services of Public Health