The Messenger Chronicles: Managing Stress and Time



“I liked the fact that this was placed in the context of improving performance, not a bunch of "go for a walk and practice deep-breathing techniques" junk. Fits well with the other related courses in the series.”

“This was great - there were a lot of good tools to effectively use when stressed. I also really liked the real world references referred to, and want to do further reading in those areas.”

“This was better than most web based modules I've taken.”

“Let me congratulate you for presenting such a compact, informative and practical course for the management of stress and time. This was a very helpful tool for people like me working in stressful situations.”

“Great format - short and easy to read. I liked the reinforcement of concepts.”

“I really enjoyed how the scenario was visual and not just reading dull paragraphs. Also the tools provided are VERY helpful and exceeded my expectations.”