Field Epidemiology



This course was great in explaining epidemiology (outbreak) investigation. I learned a lot and will understand, better, how investigations work and why things are done the way they are done. It was very interesting and I will refer to this course in the future.

This course is inspirational expecially for those in the front line emergency management.

This particular course was very interesting and informative. As a PHN I have been doing many of the steps outlined in a disease investigation for a number of years but now I am aware of what the specific tasks are called and why they need to be completed above my rudimentary understanding of the concepts at the start of this course. I really appreciated this coursework.

This is the second time I have taken this course. I really enjoy the interactive component and the clarity as well as the brevity of the information.

As a new staff person in Infection Prevention (6 months) and having just completed an outbreak where I learned as I went, I found this course very validating that I did a lot of the right things. It also helped me post my event to think about what I did not do and will next time. Very easy to interpret and understand key concepts and an effective way to learn on my own time. Thank you for a great course.