Practicing Cross Cultural Communication: Flood

Part of the Communicate to Make a Difference Series


Learner Comments

I thought this course did a great job at proving when dealing with different cultures a person has to look at the whole picture and dissect issues as well as recognizing the possible barriers from the perspective of the targeted population.

Very realistic module. The emails were especially helpful to see the wording used in this type of case.

Glad they brought up things that I had never thought about previously in regards to emergency preparedness. Most of the time our scope is extremely narrow!

The information and feedback to questions answered was terrific.

I was surprised how great this course was. I learned a great deal about developing a program for the hispanic farm worker. Gave me much to think about as I enter more planning for public health response. Thank you.

I will recommend this course to others. I am considering it for our summer student nurse extern.. She just wants to get the job done (great!). In public health though you need buy-in from the public and a multi-culture approach. This training brings it out.

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