Exploring Cross Cultural Communication

Part of the Communicate to Make a Difference Series


Sample screens

The virtual seminars in Module One focus on the definition of culture and how and why we stereotype.

This screen shows one of the many documents which will appear in your "Documents" folder. This specific document explores a simple verb change.

The Module One Inbox is shown. E-mails are mainly concerned with a anti-smoking campaign to an immigrant population. As you work through the module's tasks, new e-mails are activated.

This screen shows an opportunity for learners to add their input to the seminar "discussion."

The learner must decide which response best fits the situation.

Various examples are given to demonstrate communication strategies.

Each module's desktop provides a "progress" report. Module Two's tasks have been completed in the screen shown.

Module Three's task list is shown here. After completing the course evaluation, learners are eligible for continuing education credits.

This screen shows the payoff for Module Three's activities: The Ten Strategies for Effective Cross-Cultural Communication. Once all ten strategies are "discovered," the diagram is available for printing.

What are the ten strategies?