Exploring Cross Cultural Communication

Part of the Communicate to Make a Difference Series


Learner Comments

Wow! This was a challenging one, and provoked a lot of critical thinking. Thanks!

I thought this was a very useful course. I was able to learn and have fun. I really enjoyed the motivation each section offered. It made me more confident in continuing because I felt that I was learning the material presented.

I am in charge of staff development for [public health] staff. I am going to recommend that we use this training to improve staff’s [cultural competence] and communication skills. Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful program.

I thought it was well done. Extremely sensitive and well written. I espcially like the opportunity to write comments.

The design of the course was great. The “ready-made” interaction was so much better than simply responding to questions individually.

I loved the course setup and diversity. The examples you used made me think a lot more creatively than I normally do.

Thanks for an informative, easy to read and use course, and a fun one to do!

What are the ten strategies?