Tobacco Treatment Toolkit: Clinical Practice Guidelines



This course is for public health professionals to learn evidence based PH tobacco treatments. The program provides participants evidenced based clinical treatment interventions toolkit to help people who have decided to stop using tobacco.

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to identify options for supporting tobacco control by being able to:

  • Identify two pharmacotherapy tools to support people abstaining from tobacco.
  • Identify two behavioral interventions to support people's abstinence from tobacco use.
  • Recognize evidence-based interventions appropriate to a patient's stage of change.
  • Explain why treating tobacco involves both pharmacotherapy and counseling.

Core Competencies:

This course addresses the following core competencies for public health professionals:

  • 6A3. Relates public health science skills to the Core Public Health Functions and Ten Essential Services of Public Health.
  • 6A5. Describes the scientific evidence related to a public health issue, concern, or, intervention.

The planners and course authors have no financial arrangements or affiliations with any commercial entities whose products, research or services may be discussed in this activity. No commercial support has been accepted for this activity.

Employed by or in New York State?

If you are employed by NYS or a local health department in NYS, we recommend that you enroll for this course through the NYS Department of Health Learning Management System (DOH LMS).