Move It: A Case Study in Policy Change and Health Promotion Program Planning


Learner Comments

I am well familiar with Precede Proceed so it was actually fun reviewing and seeing how much I could recall!

I liked the idea of being able to click on underlined blue words to identify future resources such as Logic Model and Evaluation in Health Promotion.

Explaining each step of the model was extremely helpful.

Providing the links to resources was a great idea! They offer great information especially for those who may be early in their careers. The topic of the case "lack of exercise" is a problem all communities are facing. The case study can provide assistance to those health educators who would like to tackle this problem in their community.

It was very useful to learn what the built environment is and how it relates to improving health and wellness. Also it was very helpful to walk step by step through the PRECEDE-PROCEED model as it relates to program planning and implementation. Also great links to additional information and articles.

The scenarios were beneficial in understanding the precede-proceed model.This may have been the best example of precede-proceed I have ever encountered! I will be passing this along to my previous undergraduate professor to use in her program planning class for our health science students. Thank you!