Practicing Cross Cultural Communication:
Community Health Worker Program

Part of the Communicate to Make a Difference Series


Learner Comments

It was very engaging. They treated you as a part of the team by making you work with them strategically on addressing the issues. The issues tied into important concepts like the key points for effective communication among different cultures. The scenario was a realistic one with realistic concerns.

I learned a lot from this case study too, mostly about how our preconceptions can influence our attitudes and behaviors. Thanks for helping me grow.

Using effective communication with peers is as important as using it with patients, but this is often overlooked. Thanks for another thought-provoking exercise.

It was well put together and VERY realistic.

I feel that every person that works in or with the public should take a course in culture diversity. This was a good course for me to take because of some of the situations that I am being faced with on my job presently.

All the case studies in this series were good, but this was the most helpful to me, personally. "Practicing Cross-cultural Comminication" has been an excellent way to solidify what I learned in "Exploring." The whole email example is very timely and common.

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